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The current economic situation affected all of us professionals and our clients as well.

Some of you question whether you can afford to continue your skin care regiment or just give it up and purchase products in grocery stores, Rite Aids or even at Trader Joe’s.

Some of you also think if you could find affordable treatment programs, giving up skin care treatments may not be in your best interest.
I will give you my recommendations how you can economically afford skin care without compromising quality.

   First, ask the esthetician if she would offer a series of facials, such as 6 treatments for the fee of 5.

  Second, would she combine a facial treatment with one or two skin care products and give you a discount on the package.

  Third, ask about the so-called “ add-ons” treatments (addition to basic facials). These are treatments that include, hydrating, electrical procedures or special masks to improve specific skin conditions.

  The most popular add-on service is waxing. No need to pay a lot for this service, but don’t go to cheap nail salons for these services. I have seen pretty bad results such as burned skin or missing eyebrows.

   There are ways to save money on skin care products as well. Instead of using several products use three.

For example: Use a face wash possibly a gel type which lasts for months because you only need to use a few drops for it to work.

Give up the toner. It isn’t really that necessary. Use cold water rinse instead. Using a cream at night is important if you have dry skin. Ask the esthetician if you can save by buying a larger jar or choose a less expensive cream.

Do not compromise on quality!

Stretch out the product for a longer use. Using a sun protection during the day is essential. We all know how sun can damage our skin. Work with the esthetician if she could offer a less expensive product but equally effective. If you have been using
eye creams but you are not sure if you can afford them…a good night cream will work.
Use little amount of the cream around the eyes so they won’t swell up. The skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive. That is why the special eye cream.

If you are interested in mixing up a mask in your kitchen so you don’t have to pay for them, the esthetician may have some recipes for you.

Whether you are short of cash or if you don’t want to spend more money on your skin, I hope you’ll find my suggestions valuable.

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