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                                        CARING HANDS      
I’ve spent a lifetime to teach professionals, educate the public and my clients either in my private practice or giving classes in adult schools.
I will address another important purpose of skin care, which has to do with the mental and emotional aspect I provide my clients during their treatments.
I have always believed that for me, offering the client an enjoyable and relaxing hour while giving them the appropriate skin care treatment has equal importance. Clients are often like to unwind and share important moments in their life when the nervous tension, strain and stress of the day are released. The instant the client puts her complete trust in my hands, a magical transformation occurs. She floats into another world allowing her to slowly let go of bottled up emotional stress.
I had a client not long ago who was brought to my salon in a minivan from an assisted living home. She was 90 years young (quite a vibrant lady) and was utterly delighted each time she laid back in my chair. She loved the facial especially the massage portion of my work and with a smile she drifted off to sleep immediately.
 On one occasion, another client was leaving the salon just as my 90 yrs young pulled up in the minivan.  The departing client asked me, “What could you possibly do for a woman with such wrinkled skin?” I replied, “ Oh, there is so much more to facials than just working on the skin’s wrinkles.”
As a novice esthetician, I discovered early on that I loved massaging the face because I could watch clients become so wonderfully relaxed, falling into an altered and pleasing state. It was so rewarding to me that my hands could bring this about!
Placing my hands on someone’s face and by trusting me they can completely let go.
The power of the caring human touch!
Recently, I lost a dear client of 27 years to an illness. At each appointment she would ask me for extra time to massage her shoulders (which is included in the facial) she particularly enjoyed. She also liked to have reflective conversations about our lives for which she was looking forward to each time, she would tell me. I miss those times with her.
Throughout my career I often questioned whether I was destined to do “greater” things in life. But in time, I developed a true love for this profession by discovering it’s many facets: practice, research, teaching and writing.
Ultimately, it comes down to one’s own natural ability to combine all of it into an enjoyable experience. I am grateful to be able to provide it.
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