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    Growth Hormones vs.Growth Factors
As the Anti-aging skin- care market expanding leaps and bounds you may find yourself wondering what an earth are they talking about.
That is precisely the case with hormones in cosmetic products.
Growth factors and growth hormones are very different from one another.

Human growth hormoneis released by the pituitary gland and stimulates growth and cell reproduction.

Human growth factorspromote cell differentiation and maturation. They are produced throughout the body rather than the growth hormone pituitary gland.

Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) has been used in face creams for more than a decade; it is emerging as a most revolutionary skin care products by several skin care lines.

Let’s look at the bio-engineered human growth hormone which is the key ingredient in the new 3Lab ”H” Serum Age-Defying Booster. This company claims the “H” serum is fortified with the company’s own manufactured complexes to reduce lines and wrinkles as well as protect the skin from free radicals. Since we all want this-they may be on the right track! But are they?

There is a controversy about the use of growth hormone for anti-aging. We’ll see what the future holds for any cosmetic company using growth hormones.

Epidermal Growth Factor however proves to be an effective anti-aging ingredient. It has been widely researched in Asia and Europe and said to be very effective in collagen synthesis, stimulating cell turnover and could regenerate aging skin.



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