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                   How are you winterizing your skin?

What if you could put a presoaked, precut sheet on your face for 20 minutes and witness a magical transformation?
Now, you can!

It is called Pre-Activated Mask 
Most of us are familiar with skin care products that gives the desired glow to our skin.

  They are known as facial masks.

We also know the value of using masks we can mix up in our kitchen because we have done them for years (grandmothers’ recipes) quite effectively.

 I find that many of my clients pay little attention to seasonal changes. They neglect to vary their skin care regimen from summer to fall or even winter. Consequently, the skin becomes dry and dehydrated especially during the winter months. In California, we may not have major seasonal changes, but we notice how much protection our skin needs when the weather turns cold and we heat our homes.

During the winter our skin experiences similar challenges faced during the summer in the low humidity environment the skin loses moisture to the air and it takes a toll on the skin. It becomes dehydrated, dry itchy and even chapped. The cold and dry conditions strip the skin of its lipids (fats) and change the skin barrier function leaving it vulnerable to infections.

 One of the best possible hydrating products you can apply to your face at home is the already prepared masks soaked with a variety of ingredients, such as Collagen, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Vitamin C, Fruit acid packaged one application at the time. My suggestion is that after you’ve placed the mask on your face cover it with a pre -cut (for nose and mouth) plastic sheet (20 min.) for maximum absorption.

Always ask for professionals for advice because not all products are the same. Quality matters. It is crucial that you choose the correct product for your skin type. Incorporate hydrating products such as the Pre-Activated Masks into your home skin care regiment along with creams rich in nutrients necessary to nourish the skin.
You will love the result!

 Masks should be applied once or twice a week depending on skin condition and don’t forget, during your next facial session to ask about micro- current hydrating, exfoliating and other special treatments to improve the anti-aging effects of the winter months.



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